Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today our priest talked about the viciousness in our world, retaliation for things that can sometimes, be trivial.
We seek vengeance instead of showing love and kindness. There are many things that I do not understand about people and their actions, but willfully setting out to destroy someone goes against my very being.
The Lord, reminds me every day to try to be kind, loving, supportive, understanding, hopefully and faithful.
Daily, I see so much hurt and dispair.
I want to be the voice, hands and feet of Jesus! To carry my light high and encourage others to do so.
Praying, today for peace and guidance to be an encourager to all!

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  1. One of our church members spoke during the service yesterday about how we are all part of God's family and that we need to remember that and treat each other better. He asked us all to try something when we are aggravated or angry with someone. He gave us four words to imagine are tattooed across the person's forehead before we confront them or say something mean. Those four words are "He died for us!" By doing so you will remember that God loves that person as much as He loves you and that He sacrificed His only son for all of us. I tried this as soon as I left church on that person that pulled out in front of me and then went 20 mph in a 50 mph zone. It actually worked! I didn't call them an ugly name and it made me smile knowing that I was nice to another member of God's family. Imagine the kind of world we could live in if everyone remembered that before they spoke or acted in an unkind way.