Monday, January 30, 2012

ceiling in the floor, carpet at the dump...

I have not been here in forever. Life gets in the way....
The Thursday after Christmas, we came home from what my granddaughter said, "was the best Christmas ever",  to find our front door mat soaked with water and once inside we were shocked! Toilet tank upstairs overflowed and the kitchen ceiling is in the floor. Carpet and flooring on both floors is ruined. Stove is filled with water.
We have spent the month trying to deal with the chaos. We began doing whatever to prevent further damage and called the insurance company. They said, "we will send and adjuster in a week"! Hello Somebody! What is up with that. We told them that we would work on it for now, but might need help later. We had a bad experience with cleanup company, before.
We have had some estimates, but the total is still not computed. The adjuster came on Thursday the 5th and we did not hear back from him, until we called our insurance company, so that was another week. Someone from the insurance company emailed and wanted to know details about the toilet, to help  re-coop the deductible. We just want to know when we can start fixing the mess.
We are now talking to contractors, who don't seem to return phone calls or follow up with what they say they will do.
We did get a new roof, last week to make sure when we start fixing the ceilings, there are no roof leaks on our new ceilings! Pictures coming soon!