Sunday, March 13, 2011


I want to learn to link up with some of the blogs that have Linky Parties. Just have to figure that out!
Simple Mom has a challenge going on called Project: Simplify.

There is a Closet Clean Out Party and I want to go! Tomorrow will be a new challenge and I am so late!!!

The dates are wrong on my pictures
  today is 3/13/2011. Guess I need to read my manual, I am having lots of
technical difficulties.
My spell check will not work!
Wow! I don't have a clue about how to link up with a before and after
but there is just one way to start,  just do it.

This pile of stuff needs a place to stay!

I don't wear the stripped shirt! So it will be the first to go!

Some of these items belong to my  husband. He will be glad for me  to work on this as long as I keep all his stuff! But, he thinks it is o.k., for him to get rid of mine! We have been married for 22 years(so, I am keeping him and his stuff)!

See that  lime green  niteshirt. Well, the only way we know it is there is that I held the camera up in the air. I cannot see that shelf. I am 5'2'' and shrinking.

That shelf has underwear and socks on it. My husband has been helping with the laundry! I work alot.
So, sometimes it is the only way it gets clean, I am grateful!

Wonder Woman is headed to the bed room now! To work on this mess! To clear the clutter and wash and fold clothes!
 I will edit this post later.