Wednesday, January 26, 2011


People have often commented about my eyes....they are big....they are pretty?....they are green....they are sparkly....they look like my mothers!  What I know about them is they are important!
They allow me to see God's beautiful world! I try to see everything and know that the Lord is in control.
Why would he want to be in control of the ugliness? the sadness? the down trodden? the unloved? the poor? the heavy laden?....
Because under all the ugly is just needs to be tended! We are placed here to love things, people, places, everything needs to be nurtured and cultivated and guided into full potential, in order to become beautiful.

Please help me today to see the beauty under the ugly, to know the potential, of each piece of earth, of each person, of each situation, to make it better for my having been there. With eyes wide open allow me to see the need and fill that need with love and understanding.


  1. Good Morning Derenda! I see that you have signed up as my newest follower and I followed the link back to you. I see we have a couple of things in common- I too have green eyes that people have commented on my whole mother had them too and I was hoping for at least ONE grandchild to have them...but no such luck yet. I also love the Lord and we owned our own business for many years.

    I have to tell you that I felt like I had lost a bit of "me" over the years too. We had many struggles and sorrorws..along with many joys. It has helped me here in BlogLand to rediscover who I am ... I hope you can too.

    I am sooo glad to meet you and I have signed up as your newest follower. Hugs & Blessings- Diana

  2. Hello, sister in Christ! God really does see the lovely in everything, doesn't HE? What a beautiful world this will be when we see everything through His eyes...